Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#LisaIrwin #Tacopina Tactic On 'Memory Loss'

Yesterday, people were asking why all the sudden revelations about a 'drunken' Bradley who no longer remembers her timeline  timelines , there are several , and there could well be more !

Enter Joseph Tacopina, why , people have also asked would you hire a lawyer if you are innocent ..and an even bigger red flag,  why, would you hire this particular lawyer ? answer, he is the best to keep you out of jail .  And who is paying this hotshot ? good question , another mystery, unless Tacopina is working pro-bono and just wants his ego massaged OR there is someone behind this circus and for whatever reason pulling strings to turn this into a high profile case, that was Stantons job by the way, mission accomplished, which is why he has now left the stage... as he himself has said 'my job is done'

Tacopina tactic and defense for Bradley'memory loss' : It would appear Tacopina has decided if Bradley should be charged, to use her purchase of alcohol to claim a drunken woman  who blacked out with no memory recall of what happened that night.... a good defence  he will also claim that yes drunk with three minors is neglect but that does not mean she harmed her child or knows where she is. No, Debbie Bradley is a good mother ,we have seen the videos of a very young baby Lisa (Stanton PR) and 'pumpkin pie' was a happy baby. Bradley when questioned will 'cry and sob ' into her wet tissue (she's good at that) 'I don't remember, I am sorry but I don't remember I was drunk and blacked out'.....Lets hope the jury don't fall for this two bit actress who knows damn well what happened to her child.

Tacopina tactic on memory loss and drunk allegations on another case.

The client faced allegations he raped a drunken woman while his partner, Franklin Mata, acted as lookout. Moreno admitted he faked a 911 call to return to the woman's apartment and, later, when she showed up outside his East Village precinct house wearing a wire, told her he had worn a condom.

"Everyone thought they were guilty," Tacopina said. "There were huge obstacles."
The cops were convicted of official misconduct and still could go to jail, but Tacopina got the jury to throw out the rape charges by questioning the woman's memory and delivering a four-hour closing during which, he recalled, "I almost broke down."

Joseph Tacopina before he arrived on the scene had already spoken with Bradley and gave her an ace card to play , she used it yesterday morning , by the time he came into town his defence groundwork was planted. The defence' my client was drunk she blacked out and thats when Lisa was abducted'......sadly with a jury, this is enough to cast reasonable doubt and Bradley will walk !

The public were also Tacopina's greatest gauging monitor, he knew they were ripe to think the worst of Bradley, drunk and a new timeline when she last saw Lisa sent the American people into a tailspin..this told him he could win the case with one arm tied behind his back , many have now fallen for the 'drunk woman' alibi and that's all it is an 'alibi' but it takes the focus away from what really happened to Lisa.

I have likened this case to the McCanns, they also told a big lie to 'alibi themselves' to cover what really happened to their daughter, they lied when they claimed to have left the children alone each evening...of couse they did not but it was the ONLY way they could fabricate an abduction and it worked , there are people who still believe to this day the children were neglected and as long as they do the McCanns are safe...because there is reasonable doubt !

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/the_devils_advocate_j4ywLTM11sbdWHvkn0KmgL#ixzz1b7Gp6MHV