Thursday, October 20, 2011

#LisaIrwin #Tacopina Runs Over His Own Short Block...We Are Now At Version 4.0.2

Joe Tacopina, who is now multitasking both as the high-profile legal counsel for Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley and also talking head to the national news agencies, was on FOX yesterday coming live to you from New York City, where Lisa has not been spotted, to slam the Kansas City Police Department…then he kind of ran over his own short block and we got the newest version of the events of the night Lisa disappeared.

run over your own short block” -  a colloquialism referring to the lights turning green, you gouging on that big bitch, Bubba, and straight off the starting line the engine mounts snap and your short block engine drops to the drag strip.  Everything past that is kind out of your control…but it’s garanteed you’re not winning this race.

While the KCPD and other agencies spent almost the entire day at the Irwin house where 10-month-old Lisa Irwin disappeared on the night of October 3rd/4th, Joe Tacopina, benefactored high-profile lawyer to the parents of Lisa, castigated KCPD stating they needed to “stop whining” and get out there and find Lisa.  He obviously missed the memo for these activities that have gone on, almost non-stop, in KCPD’s efforts to find more at Hinkey's