Sunday, October 23, 2011

#LisaIrwin- Stay Focused !

The burnt clothes, for officers to have shown them to Bradley they must have been baby clothes, they would not be showing her a mans burnt jacket, right ?The call made from Bradleys home reported to be at  2.38 a.m  (from Bradleys own phone , police have told her ) along with the dumpster fire call which was dispatched at 2.19 ...add to that around 1 a.m a man seen with a baby wearing ONLY a diaper .....I would say there could be a connection and the burnt clothes may have belonged to Lisa.


The man was known to Bradley, ... he may or may not have been present when Lisa died. He was seen by the witness Bradley most certainly does not want to talk about. He removed a dead Lisa from her home to dispose of her small body, clothes already removed due to possible blood stains and burnt at the dumpster. It was a cold night and a living child without clothes would have been crying , something a witness would surely remember !