Sunday, October 23, 2011

#LisaIrwin :#SPIN - #Bradley Lawyers Worked The Media This Week-End Into A Frenzy With A Hoax Sighting NOW Claim The Focus Needs To Be Back On Lisa !

In an email to, Baby Lisa's aunt, Ashley Irwin wrote Saturday, “No matter what the public thinks or assumes, we really need to stress that we know she is out there.” 
Ashley didn’t say they “think” she is out there, she said the family “knows” Baby Lisa is still out there and that the public should still be looking for her.

This is PR ,the agenda  to ALWAYS make the public think of a LIVING Lisa and it is OUR JOB to go out there and LOOK for her ! Notice also Lisa now has her own PR name, she is a brand, a product now being sold by the Pr media machine ' Baby Lisa' what happened to pumpkin pie?

The Irwins now have their very own webpage , the search is on, soon a Paypal button will be added asking kind gullible folk to donate their hard earned cash to help in the already hashtagged #findbabylisa.....thats what this is all about , the way has anyone asked ASHLEY IRWIN what she did with the money collected at the speedway ?