Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#LisaIrwin 'The Sighting' Nancy Grace Witness Is A Plant Used To Distract From The Sighting, October 4th..The Sighting Bradley Told Judge Jeanine 'Was Nothing' If It Was Nothing The Defence Would Not Be Trying So Hard To Use It To Their Advantage !

October 4th Sighting

As the search for Lisa Irwin enters day 18, her parents have claimed all along that someone kidnapped their daughter.

The day after Baby Lisa disappeared, we spoke exclusively to a neighbor who believes her husband saw the missing baby .

The neighbor we spoke with said her husband was leaving their house around midnight for a late night shift at work, and he witnessed a man who looked out of place, walking down the street holding a baby.

The neighbor, who asked that we don’t reveal her name, said the baby was only wearing a diaper and the man was holding the baby close to his chest.

She said her husband continued to stare at the man, but he headed toward a house as if he was going inside.

"He seen the guy act like he was going to go into a residence over here but then my husband drove off so we are thinking that maybe he was just doing that so my husband would leave," said the neighbor.

The couple contacted police but critics said eyewitness testimony tends to be unreliable.
However, the eyewitness accounts police received remains consistent.

Read more: http://www.nbcactionnews.com/dpp/news/region_missouri/northland/eyewitness-testimony-remains-consistent-in-baby-lisa-irwin-investigation#ixzz1bmWJ871I


I want to go to our other Lisa, an exclusive interview with a woman who is in Kansas City in the same neighborhood as the home of this missing toddler.

Lisa, you claim you saw a man with the baby that night. Are you sure it was a man?


VELEZ-MITCHELL: That is correct. You have no doubts that it was a man? How can you be so sure?

LISA: Yes. Correct. Based on the lighting. When it reflected off of the gentleman`s head, there was no long hair. To us it appeared as if the gentleman had a bald head.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And now when you say -- I`m trying to glean some kind of clue from your incredible eyewitness of this man. And you`ve told the story and yet it leaves us sort of perplexed with the mystery of who is this person.

Can you describe him in more detail? Could you say, anything about his age, his height, his possible ethnicity, anything, and I usually don`t like to focus on that but I`m only focusing on trying to paint a portrait of this man.

And by the way, have cops taken your information so that they can create a sketch? Do you have any word that cops are making a sketch of this man, perhaps?

LISA: The cops did offer to make a sketch for us. However, we didn`t have clear facial features to give them. We were able to describe the man, he was very slender. He was a tall gentleman. He was probably six-foot tall, maybe 5`8" to six-feet tall. So he was a really tall gentleman and he was very, very slender. He was wearing a white T-shirt and some sweat pants.