Sunday, October 16, 2011

LisaIrwin #PR Move' Hand Holding' As Lisa's Mom Confesses' I was Drunk.'....BIG QUESTION...Is She Lying AGAIN ?

We must all remember PR are now heavily involved  in this case and they have been working a way to get Bradley out of the lies she has told. For them a lucky break, Bradley on CCTV footage seen buying wine, so yes Bradley drank it all and blacked out,  thats why she lied !

BUT WAIT : Dad saw the screen ONLY popped out !

Reconstuction of the officer trying to enter the window ....he had to push the screen with force , it made a loud noise as it fell to the floor..OK, so this noisy abductor enters, picks up the screen and tries to replace it back in the window, was this when he switched ALL the lights on so he could see what he was doing ?

No, I do not believe Bradley was drunk...but PR is PR and already public opinion is turning in her favour and some now believe that yes possibly there was an abductor. Next step the sighting that Bradley said was not important will for the PR team be a lead to investigate.