Friday, October 21, 2011

#LisaIrwin #PR Move -' Forced To Confess'...

There is now a PR media war taking place, the agenda,  to discredit the police and gain public sympathy for the Irwins. First step is to lie and make sure all media outlets are singing from the same hymn sheet..( This appears to be Mike Le Rettes job) the lie is 'Poor Bradley, her baby is missing and the police are trying to force her to confess. I have great faith in Captain Steve Young but even he  right now must be feeling very confused, hard to imagine a mother who has lost her baby refusing to cooperate in helping to find her ! But this is an alleged abduction in it's infancy, someone for some reason wishes to make this very high profile and to do that you must  first destroy the reputation of the police force , try to make them look bungling, inept and without compassion for a mother's suffering.

McCann family told  the same lies, the agenda , to discredit the police, gain public sympathy.... this leads the way to hiring your own PI and asking for public donations  to help in the search for your child.

The Kansas Police need our support NOW more than ever, for if the media win public support  for the Irwins and run with the PR circus, baby Lisa and the truth will be lost forever.

Here the aunt of Madeleine (another family mouthpiece, just like Ashley Irwin ) sat and told a fabricated story that the police tried to force Kate to do a deal,confess, under Portuguese Law such a deal does NOT exist...but it worked, public sympthay was won and the money flowed in.