Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#LisaIrwin :#KCTV5 - Parents 'Grieving' Defence Attorneys Work Overtime !

Yesterday KCTV5 out of Kansas City confronted Lisa Irwin’s mother and father about why they have refused to speak with local media since the 10-month-old little girl disappeared 3 weeks ago.  Answer:  “…because we are grieving.”

Of course, the grieving hasn’t prevented them from being involved in multiple national media interviews in which Deborah didn’t have any problem talking…about herself, but not that much airtime dedicated to baby Lisa.  AND, their grieving didn’t prevent them from doing a full spread in People Magazine; where once again they changed their story of the events on the night of October 3rd, morning of October 4th.

But wait…no, that’s not the reason!  It appears in addition to not being able to just tell the same story twice about the most critical night in their missing baby’s life, they can’t even get their story straight on why they won’t talk to local media, which should be (right behind the KCPD) their second best chance for finding their baby!  According to their attorney, Cyndy Short, their reason for not speaking to local media yesterday was:
because they’re afraid of the attention the missing baby case has brought to their family.
You’ve got to be kidding me!  No, really, what I just meant was YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  When your 10-month-old baby is missing the ONLY thing you want is attention to your baby’s case.  That’s it.  You WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW.  And did you think going on every national morning program, Judge Jeanine’s program, and the cover of People were NOT going to bring attention to YOU (not so much Lisa, but lots to you! )

These people are making me nuts...article in full at Hinkey's