Sunday, October 9, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Parents Answer Questions From reporters

Some good questions being probed at Websleuths.

At :45 JI says WE checked on Lisa and WE realized she was gone.

At 3:14, DB says it was only JI that went into the room to find Lisa missing.

At 2:00, DB looks to JI to answer the question about what the boys are saying and wondering.  Do the boys know the truth ?

At 2:55, JI says they took all the phones so he or DB could not call anybody.

How does he know why the phones were taken?

Why did he need to look for his personal cell phone to call 911 if he just arrived home with his work cell phone?

Why was his personal cell phone on the kitchen counter next to hers? And of course the big point with the phones is why didn't they bring these missing phones up from the get-go in their interviews?

At 4:33, DB says we are trying to hold it together for our boys. Mentioning Lisa, staying strong for her, is a secondary thought. I think this could be an unintended subtle admission that it IS about the boys, custody of. And that Lisa is gone.

At 6:30, JI is quick to answer the question that the baby wouldn't cry if picked up by someone. It's as if he wants to defend the scenario they have staged, rather than contemplate the question. Also, I find it unlikely the baby wouldn't cry.