Monday, October 10, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Deborah Bradley Avoids Baby Lisa's Name

Deborah Bradley's 's interviews on local and national media show a remarkable avoidance of using Baby Lisa's name and avoidance of speaking of her daughter's characteristics. 

 She answers questions but does not appear to speak in the open edited process of Lisa.  She avoids using her daughter's name referencing her only as "her".  This is indicative of the internal process of guilt from child abuse that a parent goes through.  By calling her only by pronoun, and avoiding her name whenever possible, it allows the parent to "de-personalize" the child.  Once, when Piro asked her who went to bed first, she said "Lisa" and immediately cried, but in the interviews on video that I have seen, the mother avoids using the first name always.  Parents who abuse their children will often be found to use their child's name less than 10% of the time.  See Ronald Cummings as an example.  

Past tense language:

When a parent speaks of a missing child in the past tense, it is an indication of knowledge or belief that the child is dead, raising suspicion, especially early on if police have not told the parent to expect the child to be dead.  Mothers, in particular, have such strong protective instincts, that they often speak of their deceased child in the present tense; unable to accept the reality of death. 

Caretakers, and close relatives must also be listened to carefully for verb tense. 

Susan Smith spoke of her sons in the past tense while making a plea to locate them. 

Billie Jean Dunn, just after reporting her daughter, Hailey, 13, missing, spoke of her several times in the past tense, indicating knowledge of her death. 

Babysitter, and later step mother, Misty Croslin spoke of Haleigh in the past tense the morning that she reported her missing. 

Casey Anthony said, "Caylee loved the park" as to indicate that Caylee can no longer love the park.  This showed that Caylee was dead the time of the interview as Casey reported her kidnapped.  (More on Casey's use of Caylee's name later) 

Aliayah Lunsford's aunt spoke of her in the past tense.  The aunt lived across the street from Aliayah.  Between the mother's deceptive language and the aunt's reference, we concluded that Aliayah was dead.

Question:  Why hasn't Deborah Bradley spoken of Lisa in the past tense?

Answer:   Deceptive people attempt to deceive, and if they know the child is dead, will attempt to speak in the present tense always, but may slip up along the way.

Deborah Bradley has said very little about her child, only answering questions, and avoiding using her first name.  Deborah Bradley hasn't told us much about Lisa, more about "my boys" and "the boys" and how they feel about Lisa, and how the parents must be strong for "the boys" and then for "her", added second. 

 Deborah's avoidance of Lisa's name, as well as an extended descriptions of what Baby Lisa was like are unusual for a mother.  If Baby Lisa died as a result of being shaken by the mother, for example, without premeditation (as SBS generally is), the avoidance of using her name is a subtle way to attempt to ease the pain of guilt.  The key element is guilt.  If a parent does not feel guilt (sociopath), the parent will be able to lie with impunity, while using the child's name.  People will often describe this type of abusive parent as "extreme" in "cold" or "cold blooded" with regard to life.  Casey Anthony is an example of such incredible coldness that she defies statistics, norms, and studies.  Yet, her lies are easily discerned by principles of analysis.  It is the principles that show her lies that are applied to all other cases.   

Hope does not fade in search for baby Lisa