Monday, October 17, 2011

#LisaIrwin #McCann : #Bradley - Staging An Abduction?

Bradley knew she would be seen on CCTV footage and this would be checked. Bradley, seen purchasing wine and baby food. We now know according to Bradley the last sighting of Lisa was 6.45 pm we also know Bradley is a liar and an actress so the 'sighting' is not credible !

The trip to the store with Debbie and her brother was it staging...buying baby food , was this part of the act ?

The McCanns staged their abduction by moving cots, the morning of May 2nd , the cleaner witnessed cots in separate rooms, by the evening of May 3rd the McCanns had placed BOTH cots together in a room they claim Madeleine was taken from. Link to witness statement of witness who cleaned the holiday apartment where it is believed Madeleine died.