Monday, October 17, 2011

#LisaIrwin Joseph #Tacopina DEFENDS The Indefensible !

Joe Tacopina could be the most hated lawyer in New York.

After securing an improbable acquittal in the rape case against ex-NYPD Officer Kenneth Moreno, following unlikely triumphs for accused cop-killer Lillo Brancato and alleged girlfriend-bashing pol Hiram Monserrate, the dapper smooth talker is facing a new round of barbs.

"I can't stand him," said one prosecutor, pointing out that Tacopina also sprung Natalee Holloway suspect Joran van der Sloot and Thomas Wiese, an Abner Louima cop.

"He's slick, he's got a big ego, and he'll represent any scumbag."

He wears window-pane suits and a $6,500 Panerai watch. He's on TV more than Jeff Probst.

He loves Italian soccer. He drives a Maserati. He sails his own 49-foot yacht.