Sunday, October 16, 2011

#LisaIrwin #Irwins following the masters of Faked Abductions ?...Watch and Learn...

We have the T shirts and the posters...the FUND began last Sunday at a place where the Irwins knew thousands would attend , we do not know as yet how much money the sister collected nor will it ever be revealed. Enter Stanton , Dr.Spin...balloons , baby videos and those who wonder why the Irwins have been so shy of the media the last few days will understand tomorrow. A body language expert will have groomed them so they no longer give away those little tell tale signs of 'maybe they are involved'...when you next see them they will be slick, professional ,possibly holding hands, there will be an intimacy between them...AND yes they will from now on be treated like royalty...welcome to the PR world of alleged abductions where justice for a child has no place.

I am however , still on the fence as to whether this is a financial hoax which means Lisa is alive and being well cared for OR a domestic accident in the home.

Deb Bradley has already planted the seed by saying on national TV  the police have called her 'THE KILLER , you did it but we have nothing ' ???? this will hold her in good stead for the future if Lisa is alive and this is a hoax, she will then of course sue the police.

If Lisa is dead,  Deb will  know that whatever the arrangement ,her body will NEVER be found......she may then suggest to the police 'find the body and prove I killed her ' as did the McCanns? Please see link.
Kate and Gerry McCann have challenged the Portuguese police to produce their daughter Madeleine's body to prove they killed her

The Irwins are they about to make the McCanns look like amateurs ?...only time will tell !

It has also been suggested today that there is a connection between Bill Stanton and Murdochs News Corporation maybe someone could suggest to Captain Steve Young to investigate this sooner rather than later.