Monday, October 10, 2011

#Lisairwin : Humbleopinion And A Bloggers Thoughts.


I was wondering,, about the brother,,, did they say how far away he lived ?? a neighbor said she saw a man with a baby.. could the mother have called the brother,, and he rushed over to help get rid of Lisa’s body …a thought… the mothers crying,, could be from guilt. and the dad,, he might suspect mom,,, but he might be hoping he is wrong. mom,, might have abused Lisa in the past,,and went to far this time… there is a time line…called brother at 2:30,,, what time did neighbor see man ?? dad gets home around 4:30 a couple of hours to get over to the house,, get the baby,,,brother might have parked down the street,, I hope they are tracking brother..