Thursday, October 13, 2011

#LisaIrwin #anthony: #HinkyMeter 'A Reality Check'

Well, shades of the Anthony case continue to creep into the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin.  We’ve got a sister of Jeremy Irwin going on morning news making statements that law enforcement has “got to pin it on someone” in reference to the questioning and investigation into Deborah Bradley’s story, and now we’ve got a self-described “PI to the stars” showing up in Kansas City.

Ashley Irwin had become something of a talking head for the family of Lisa Irwin.  She was repeatedly making statements on the family’s behalf.  In a recent interview on a morning program Ashley seemed to take a swipe at the Kansas City investigators for spending so much time investigating the activity of Deborah Bradley and attempting to substantiate the details of her story of the events on October 3rd/4th when baby Lisa disappeared.  She said they were focusing on that instead of looking for suspects (sound familiar) ?

She took those statements back about as quickly as she made them, stating they were taken out of context.  From what I saw I’m unclear how they could have been “taken out of context”, but whatever.  It never ceases to amaze me that the people, or their families!, who are the last to have known control of a missing child are somehow surprised that they are investigated.  10-month-old babies don’t pack up their diaper bag and decide they’re “outta here” and waddle down the street to a new life.

Bill Stanton, a kind-a, sort-a, wanna-be PI showed up in Kansas City this week.  He won’t say who the philanthropic funder of his trip to Kansas City is.  He only states that he’s there to help find Lisa and to conduct an independent investigation.  Lisa’s parents reportedly are not the ones who are paying for him.  In a press conference Stanton said he was asking to have a meeting with law enforcement working the case.  I’m sure they have time for that.  Maybe they’ll not return his call for 2 or 3 days the same way Lisa’s parents did them last week (maybe LE will “just need a break”, huh? ) more