Thursday, October 20, 2011

#LisaIrwin Ft #Bragg And Sara E.

Someone really needs to listen to Sara and what happened at Fort Bragg...

Harmony Jade Creech was 11 months old (same age as Lisa Irwin) when she was reported abducted by her mother at Fort Bragg in 2007... and was later found stuffed in the attic... the mother eventually said she found the baby dead in her crib.... If Deborah and Sean Bradley (still married) were at Bragg then, they most likely knew about that case... and maybe even knew the mother Johni Michelle Heuser and the father Ronald Creech.
Ineresting too is that Deborah Bradley and Sean Bradley split up 4 years ago... 'round about the same time as the Creech murder.

Sara Quote.

There is more footage that hasn't been shown (yet) on both interviews. They interviewed each of us for about 20-30 minutes. I am just glad to know that possibly because of us speaking out, they are researching her past @Bragg.
Heya, it's me, the same Sarae as on seamus' blog and from the above. I have much more to say on the above. The question above question I answered was "what was your FIRST reaction when you heard about what happened" which is true, it is a horrible tragedy that I don't wish on anyone. It was only after watching videos and reading articles that I felt that it seemed to be another Debbie-Con. Defamation of character is only if what I am saying is false, which it is not. There are military records, we had to go to a "military counseling session" regarding base housing because we complained about each other so much. I am not a media hound, I just need everyone to understand that this was her character when she was living at Bragg.
Leopards rarely change their spots.
Can you look in your heart and watch all videos and say with 100% surety that you believe she is innocent?