Thursday, October 6, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Family Deny Reports They Are Not Helping The Police

The family of 10-month old Lisa Irwin denies reports that the child's parents are no longer cooperating with the investigation into the little girl's disappearance.

Kansas City, MO Police made the statement at a 7 pm news conference Thursday to update their search for the infant. Capt. Steve Young said Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley had been helpful until Thursday night. He did not know why there was the change in attitude.

But just after 9 pm Thursday, Jeremy Irwin's sister told media that the parents never stopped cooperating with authorities. She said the family thanked police for all their help and that the sole goal remained to bring Lisa home.

She also revealed that police told Bradley she had failed a lie detector test, but offered no evidence.

Young said the parents' information was of great assistance since they knew the child best. Before Thursday night, police had repeatedly said they did not consider the parents to be suspects. When asked if that had changed Thursday night, he repeated that police still have no suspects.

Police had believed an intruder took the child from her crib in the family's home while she slept, sometime between 10:30 pm Monday and 4 am Tuesday. Local, state and federal authorities set up a command post near the home and have been searching the area and neighboring homes.Police closed the command post in the neighborhood Thursday night, saying they'd exhausted their search efforts in that geographic area.

Despite Thursday night's developments, Young said police would continue to search for Lisa and take action on any information they received that warranted action.

The parents of the missing baby answered questions from reporters Thursday morning about their daughter. This included making televised appearances on the national morning shows.
They said their cell phones were stolen but that nothing else appears to be missing from their home.

They also described the desperate few moments when they discovered that their daughter was missing from her crib inside their home in the 3600 block of North Lister Avenue.

They frantically searched their home but discovered only an open window, an unlocked front door and lights turned on.

"It is like they just walked in and just disappeared," Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, said.
Jeremy Irwin said he immediately knew something was wrong when he returned home from work early Tuesday.

Irwin said he came home from his overnight shift around 4 a.m. Tuesday. He noticed a first-floor window open in the front of the house. After checking on his sons, 6 and 8, he went to the bedroom of his daughter, Lisa, and noticed her missing. Bradley said she ran through the house screaming for her daughter but there was no answer.

Lisa's parents said they can't think of anyone who would abduct their child and that no one had shown an unusual interest in her before she was taken. Lisa's mother broke down as she said she could only think that someone snatched her child because they wanted a baby.

"She is everything. She is my little girl," Bradley said. "She means everything to our boys... We can't live without her."