Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#LisaIrwin : #Facebook Updates

What I saw today on the live feed of the search warrant execution at the Irwin family home:

1. People in white CSI suits going in and out of the front door of the Irwin family home carrying 1 large black panel then walking over to what has been described as a bomb squad truck, staying there for a minute or so, then walking back to the house with an identical large black panel. Based on proportio ...
ns, I'm guessing the panel is about 2 1/2 feet X 4 feet in dimension. (We believe these are X Ray panels.)

2. A man in a white CSI suit raking along a structure then also digging with a shovel and depositing the dirt off to the side.

3. At least five people in CSI suits at the back of the yard almost shoulder to shoulder pulling at and moving brush to the side. Some brush was carried up to the flat area and deposited in a pile.

4. Two people in white CSI suits lifting a septic hose that appears to be at least 30 feet long and 3 inches in diameter then shaking it.

(This is an aerial photo taken prior to today where you can see the hose:)

5. One woman in a white CSI suit jumped up and down on the ground about 8 times.

6. One man in a white CSI suit had what appeared to be a metal rod that he was repeatedly jamming down into the ground.

7. The search of the yard appears to be random as they don't appear to be searching in any sort of a grid pattern.

8. There is a large bomb squad truck parked in the road near the Irwin's house.

9. The yard is sealed off with yellow crime scene tape.

3:48pm CMT: Two police cars are parked side by side in the street pointed in opposite directions. It appears the drivers are talking while sitting in their vehicles.

3:50pm CMT: The camera is now aimed at the front door of the house and someone with headphones on is cleaning the lense to the live feed camera.

3:51pm CMT: The notorious reporter with the balding head, long sideburns, tan trench coat and weird hat has his microphone in his hand and appears to be on standby to give a live update. (He is quite the ham. Lol!)

3:55pm CMT: Media update regarding search. (Audio only):,2011.mp3.html

DOCUMENT: Learn how X Rays are used to analyze crime scenes and evidence:

4:10pm CMT: The live feed has been taken down.
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