Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#LisaIrwin #FACEBOOK - Disturbed Family Member ?

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That post from 29 minutes ago is INSANE. He is definitely implying that they’ve done something to Lisa, IMO.

For those who haven’t read, this is from Baby Lisa Irwin Updates on FB:

“When we live our lives the wrong way bad things happen. When we are raised the wrong way bad things happen. Dysfunctional families , in most cases , pass on their dysfunctional traits to the next generation. Its that viscious cycle that needs to be addressed … or more bad things may happen. Stop looking at this on the surface and try to understand why it happens. Its the only way to prevent it from happening again.”

Then he comments twice:

“Keep in mind that any person that has ever victimized another was at one time victimized themself. That doesnt justify it but it helps us understand why these things happen. We cant fix anything if we dont understand.”


“I am a family member and this is my family and I know and understand how and why things like this happen. Please stop looking at this like the problem just began on Oct. 4th … this is the result of not breaking that viscious cycle of being dysfunctional.”

Those posts were all from Debbie’s Uncle, Johnny.

He posted this, further down on the page:

“Approx. 15,000 babies under the age of 1 are killed by a parent each year. 60% are single parents and about 40% are married couples. This is a problem that doesnt just happen to unmarried parents. The parent(s) involved has much deeper issues . Babies die in married households too.”