Monday, October 17, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Drunks And The National Guard

So neighborhood drunk “Jersey”, real name Johnny Tanko, was arrested some time last week and has been being questioned.  His arrest was due to an outstanding warrant and not in connection with the disappearance of little baby Lisa Irwin.  If Jersey was drunk the night Lisa Irwin disappeared he appears to have not been alone, Deborah Bradley has now revealed so was she.

In video released in the past week we watched Deborah Bradley purchase a box of wine and some other items about 5-1/2 hours before she claims she last checked on 10-month-old Lisa.  Around 4:30 pm yesterday Peter Alexander with the Today Show tweeted that in an interview he had just conducted with Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, Deborah revealed on the night Lisa disappeared she was drunk.

Someone requested, during the discussion of this new information, “define drunk”.  Well, I really don’t need to, and neither does anyone else…except Deborah.  She’s the one that has now used the term, 2 weeks into her little baby being missing, so I think the onus is on her to define exactly how drunk drunk is.  Is it this drunk?
  • Left all the lights in the house on and didn’t even remember it.
  • Left the front door unlocked and didn’t even remember it.
  • Left the front window open and did some kind of bizarro screen action…and didn’t even remember it.
  • Lost a baby and three cell phones…and didn’t even remember it.
Let’s face it, we now have no idea whether the front door was open and the lights were on when Deborah crashed for the night.  And if the lights were on and the door unlocked, I’m having a real hard time with some baby-napper not trying the door knob first before trying to peel a screen off and hoist him or herself up into a window…especially if it was a stranger who had no idea if they were about to fall head first into the master bedroom, or the broom closet.
Think about that.  You’ve decided to break into a house and steal a baby.  Two scenarios more, also a forum for debate.