Thursday, October 20, 2011

#LisaIrwin #Copycat Case- More On Johni Michelle Hueser

Harmony Jude Creech has been found deceased in the attic of the home on Ray Road.
According to WRAL TV, Harmony's mother told police that she'd found the baby dead in her crib weeks ago and decided to hide the body. Johni Heuser said she made her decision out of fear.
Heuser put on an interesting act, if she is telling the truth. Some early reports about the baby's disappearance stated that Ron Creech's mother discovered the baby was missing, but others, like this article in the News & Observer, said that Johni Heuser was entering the baby's room to introduce her to her father when she found her baby missing. Heuser may have been the one who called the police.
Her description of the child wearing a jumper with "Daddy's Girl" on one sleeve is unsettling as well. She knew the baby was dead in the attic, yet she carefully geared the story to play upon Ron Creech's emotions, by the sound of it.