Monday, October 24, 2011

#LisaIrwin British Media Report On Witch Hunt Against Bradley !

The Daily Mail known as the Daily Fail for it's biased and incorrect reporting helps the defence push the abduction theory along with the 4 a.m. week-ends major 'scoop' of a man seen wearing a T. Shirt....Gosh !

It's a witch hunt

'There is absolutely not a stitch of evidence in this case that there was an accidental death caused by Deborah,' Tacopina told Fox News. (accidental death, interesting choice of words, so if she is dead it was not accidental ? )

He disputed that police dogs had sensed the smell of a deceased body, saying it was 'decomposing remains', which could include faecal matter.

Mr Tacopina stated that claims made against Ms Bradley had caused her 'great pain' and said there was a 'witch-hunt' against her.

He denied that she has a drinking addiction. Ms Bradley claims that her daughter was abducted after she put her to bed at 10:30pm on October 3. (See why it is called the Daily Fail, they cannot even get Bradleys second version of events correct, Lisa was put to bed around 6.30)

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