Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#LisaIrwin: Baby Lisa's 'Fresh Clothes'

In Statement Analysis, there are no "freudian slips" and there are no "misspeaks".

Usually when someone reveals something they did not intent to, they will say "I misspoke" which is lawyer-speak for, "I shouldn't have said that" accompanied by "I didn't mean that!  You're looking at every word!".


3 or more "misspeaks" and we may conclude deception, depending upon the overall analysis.

Deborah Bradley said she put "fresh clothes on her."

We now know why she added the word "fresh" to her wording.  We flagged it originally as unexpected, that is, sensitive, but we did not know why, as context is needed.  Because Deborah continued to speak to media, we now have an indication of its meaning.

What did Deborah say about police?

She said that they told her she failed the polygraph, particularly, about Lisa's location.  She said, "but I don't know where she's at" (not, that is "impossible because I told the truth!").

She also said, "I put fresh clothes on her."

"Fresh" being the key more