Saturday, June 4, 2011

Casey Anthony:Prosecution bringing it home on redirect -

The hair in the trunk wasn't naturally shed, it was from a female relative of Caylee who had 9 inch long, untreated brown hair
Cindy has short red treated hair
Casey has dark brown treated hair

Assuming the hair was Caylee's, and the hairbrush hair is Caylee's, then whatever happened to cause the banding on the hair from the trunk wasn't NATURAL to Caylee's hair since it wasn't found on the hairbrush hair.

Now Baez back - so the hair could have been back there for years before Casey got her hair treated. You can't say it came from a dead body but you can't say absolutely it came from a dead body?
No only that it is consistent with decomposition.

Many thanks to WIDOWAN for keeping us up to date. There appears to be a gagging order on this case in England, no reporting . McCanns case, too close to home. Cadaver also picked up on several items belonging to the McCanns including their car, hired after Madeleine disappeared. Political interference decided Madeleine, unlike Caylee would never see justice.