Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Team McCann' and the Ramseys call themselves' TEAM RAMSEY' Bizarre interview

Above link to analysis of the Interview

The interview bizarre, as  Detective Steve Thomas comes face to face with the Ramseys. The McCann case a mirror image as the arrogant Ramseys goad the police to prove 'they did it'. Thomas says the case is complex and it can only be solved by a confession, this would also apply in the McCann case.

Larry King asks them to talk with the police (a bit like asking for the case to be re-opened) they say they are happy to do so along with their own Private detectives. They also arranged their own poly. and Patsy passed after three attempts , they refuse to take an FBI Poly because they say there is a 'conspiracy' against them.

I was also amazed to see where the McCanns came up with their name 'Team McCann' none other than the Ramseys who liked to be known as 'Team Ramsey'

They both discuss their books, and argue about the money they have made . Déjà vu