Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On yer bike Kate....its Official April 29


Kate McCann knocked from her perch as the Royal wedding date becomes official.....the launching of the McCanns book 'The lie of the Truth'  Madeleine, firmly placed on the inside pages of the red tops.

Remembering Diana , as her first born, Will's , on his wedding day will surely miss his mother the most, a very special day marred by her absence.. The McCanns and their book will be old news by then and what Maddies parents have been all about , selling newspapers. The ' good doctors' will not be able to top the Royals even though they have tried to get them involved with their farce (the e.mail to prince Charles telling 'twas the maid wot done it Sir') I am not a Royalist but welcome any news that rains (or should that be reigns) on the McCanns parade.