Thursday, November 4, 2010

RIP Madeleine McCann

Monday, November 5, 2007

I wish I could write a different title for this post, but I think right now nobody else believes Maddie can be alive. So, we reached this point where, even without a body, we all know she died, - how and why - only the parents can tell. Until proven guilty, obviously they're innocent, but sometimes, the perfect crime, leaves the criminals untouched, that's why the perfect crime. The sad part is that, whether they've planned the perfect crime or not, the fact is, they gathered a lot of support, especially from British authorities, they gathered a lot of sympathy, even the Pope showed some interest about the situation and received them. And in this case, nationality is a very important detail. It's a question of prestige... let an Ethiopian child disappear in Portugal and you won't even be able to read about that in the last page of a free journal. In Portugal one hears about Portuguese missing children, about the crusade of some families through the years, searching for their missing child, without any kind of support from authorities, police...

But we now had a British couple with a missing/kidnapped child in the South of Portugal... jeez.. a worldwide campaign started "please, whoever you are, leave Maddie to go back to her family, who love her!!" Right. Maddie was kidnapped, that was the starting point of all this... until the Portuguese Police focused on other details and facts that didn't make sense at all:

- How can this couple leave their children alone, to go to dinner with some friends and go back to the apartment each half  hour to check the children, why didn't they use the baby sitters who were available?

- How can it be possible to put 3 kids asleep like angels, in a summer destination like the Algarve at 7/8 o'clock in the evening?

- If children go to sleep at 7 in the evening, they would wake up at 5 in the morning, right, parents on holiday, going to bed extremely late and waking up so damn early...yeah sure.

- How could someone actually enter the room, take the girl and leave the room without waking up the twins?

- How is it possible that during all that night, even a few hours later, with the inspectors inside the room, the twins didn't wake up?

- Apparently, the McCanns had something to hide, it was inconvenient for them to have baby sitters all around.

- There's no better method to make children sleep like angels in a place like Algarve, so early, than using drugs, sleeping pills whatever... What if you apply more than you should?

- Why didn't the statements of the McCann's friends match?

- Why did trained dogs find blood in the apartment and in the car the McCanns rented?

- Kate McCann wrote in her diary that she couldn't handle Maddie properly...Maddie was kinda hyperactive child... too much energy for the mother Kate was...
Of course, British media claimed the Portuguese police were too damn incompetent and unprofessional and in the lack of professionalism they were accusing the couple..
From my perspective, I've always accused them, how could they leave their kids to go to dinner? Maddie was the eldest, and was 4 years old... would you do something like that? of course not, this fact itself reveals a lot about the parents... why doesn't the British press question that behaviour in the first place? Will the parents be so innocent or will the Portuguese Police be so bad?

In my court, the McCanns are ... GUILTY!

Source: Ship of fools.