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J.K.Rowling and her books of filth

The bizarre world of the McCanns and their contacts, the Lord Jesus appears to be angry with J.K.
Gerry McCann is insane and so is Gordon Brown. I think I need a few days break before I become a member of the 'Mad Hatters Tea Party.' This could 'Only' happen in America. Madeleine ,according to lying Kate had read three Harry Potty books by the tender age of three years old,  but Kate forgot her lies and said only the other day' I wonder if Madeleine can now read and write.'

United States, 2001

Author J. K. Rowling is shown in this July 8, 2000, photo with her book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There have been at least six burnings involving Rowling's popular Harry Potter children's books in the U.S. (Alastair Grant/Associated Press) Harry Potter books were a "flashpoint" for book burners in the U.S. in 2001. One of those burnings was in the Harvest Assembly of God Church in Pennsylvania. "We got some people mad at us, but it's good to have publicity," said Rev. George Bender.
Besides the Potter series by J.K. Rowling, books by actress Shirley MacLaine and psychic Edgar Cayce were also torched.
There have been at least six book burnings involving Potter books in the U.S.

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Our ongoing battle against the forces of evil, manifest through  J.K. Rowling and her homosexual hero, Harry Potter, are documented and updated on this page when the Lord Jesus calls us to do so.
The Make Believe World of Harry Potter Is Driving Children to the Edge of Insanity!

Progress Reports in Our Battle Against the Forces of Darkness (for full memo and action alert - scroll down!):

Emergency JESUS YOUTH Memo Regarding Release of Half-Blood Prince - July 2009:

Our "Extinguishing the Half-Blood of a Prince With the Full-Blood of the Lamb" campaign kicks off on July 15. Landover Baptist's JESUS YOUTHS will be visiting local public theaters wearing t-shirts and jeans (disguised as secular, unsaved trash). Each night in July during the release of the Satanic film, "The Half Blood Prince," JESUS YOUTHS will be armed with fire-extinguishers filled with compressed lamb's blood. "Our brave Baptist youths will innocently approach theater lines and spray unsaved moviegoers with the warm blood of the Lamb. They'll shout the name of Jesus and throw Chick Tracts into the dazed crowd," says Pastor. "They need to run like their dickens are on fire after witnessing time is over because they are outreaching for Jesus outside of church property!  And there might be some unsaved police officers about! Church vans will be waiting a quarter mile away from each theater to escort JESUS YOUTHS back to the Main Sanctuary for a de-brief with the Board of Deacons.  Then it's off to Friendly's for 20-minutes of ice-cream fellowship.  Parents of JESUS YOUTHS participating in the "Full-Blood of the Lamb Spray" can pick up their kids on the corner of Soulwinner's Lane and B.R. Lakin Blvd. at 8PM weeknights. Permission slips are NOT required for this outreach event.  Each Church member with a child between the ages of 9-14 (who is not out of town on a Luxury Christian Family Vacation) is required to participate in this event at least 3 evenings a week until August 30.

Emergency Memo - September 2008: The Landover Baptist Board of Directors approved $17.5 million in church tithes to be directed to the "Center For Ongoing Background Check of J.K. Rowling." Funds will be utilized to assist our two church Deacons who have been riding the train between Manchester and London every day for the last 7-years. "Our research brings us closer to finding Hogwarts every day," says professional Christian Mole, Creation Scientist and church Deacon, Dr. Henry Finkle. "We've put together over 100 thousand pages daily trip logs, and conducted nearly 5 interviews," he states. "We also found a lipstick canister that we believe is linked to Rowling." 

Emergency Memo - May 2007: Beginning In early May we will be holding 24-hour prayer vigils and hourly book burnings outside the Freehold Iowa Multiplex Cinema. Bring your children for this exciting time of healing and cleansing as we witness for Jesus with picket signs and old fashioned bullhorn preaching.  God wants us to prevent every unsaved person in Freehold, Iowa from from seeing the new Harry Potter movie, "The Order of the Phoenix." Our pastors already gave the movie a sin-screening and they tell us it is one of the most deceptively wicked pieces of Satanic filth to ever grace their Godly eyes. We expect over 2,000 church members to be on hand to block the theater entrance on the release date.  If you feel God is calling you to stand with us and suffer public persecution and humiliation for His namesake, please visit the church secretary to let her know your schedule for the next month.  And if the way into your heart is through your tummy, we're proud to announce that the Ladies of Landover will be preparing pot-luck dinners, and Chick-fil-A will be sponsoring the event and providing daily lunches.  We hope to see you there!

Emergency Memo - July 2005: The Ladies of Landover are holding a midnight prayer vigil on July 15th outside the Freehold, Iowa Barnes and Noble.  True Christians™ across the state of Iowa will be practicing civil disobedience as we block the entrances of every major bookstore in the state.  We are calling upon all believers everywhere in God's country to take up the cross of Christ and flop your body onto the pavement or lock arms with your brethren to form a love link in front of a bookstore to prevent ignorant unsaved people from purchasing Satan's new Harry Potter book:  The Half-Blood Prince.  If you see anyone with this book in hand, shout, "Fire on you! in the name of Jesus!" Snatch the book from them, toss it to another Christian brother or sister and put flame to it as quickly as possible.  Make sure you hand the person a Bible to replace the Half-Blood Prince and tell them to read that instead.

Emergency Memo - June 2004: While Hollywood prepares to release another installment of Satanic filth in the form of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," True Christians™ are working to raise awareness among unsaved filmgoers that recent events at the Iraqi Prison in Azkaban can be no coincidence.  Satan has timed events in Iraq with the release of his latest film as a marketing gimmick spawned in the deepest pits of Hell.  Church members are asked to pray steadfastly that President Bush will not allow this film to be released in America.
Emergency Memo - June 2003: Churches to hold all night prayer vigils to counter thousands of Harry Potter Black Masses being held across America!  National Bookstores to release the Devil's latest manuscript at midnight!  Pray for our children!  With each new release, a seal to Satan's Lair is opened.  This is the fifth seal!  Be vigilant!  The time is at hand!

Emergency Memo - November 2001: Landover Baptist Pastors encourage Bible believing churches across America to return to their roots, and re-institute the Godly early church practice of book burning.  Learn how to organize a book burning in your community - click here. 

Emergency Memo - November 2001: Landover Baptist holds the largest book burning in American history.  Over 1.5 million Harry Potter books were burned in the church parking lot after evening services.  Reports say that the flames were so high they could be seen from as far away as Des Moines. 

Emergency Memo - October 1999: Reports of coven sightings in the woods around Freehold, Iowa prompt pastors to investigate.  Creation Scientists conclude that a new generation of witches are being trained in the dark arts of Wicca through an instruction manual called, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  Pastor Deacon Fred enlists Demon Hunter, Mitch Walker, to begin instructing church members on how to stalk, hunt, capture, detain and deprogram Wiccans. 

Original Church Memo (November 1999)
Note: The following memo continues to be distributed to every Independent Baptist Church in The United States of America on the third Sunday of each month since November 1999.  It has appeared every year, in every Christian Newspaper (Including the Washington Times).
Freehold, Iowa - This memo is being sent to all church members and concerned Christians to inform them of a disease that is infecting our Nation. Landover Baptist parents must be made aware of a particularly dangerous series of books that have somehow slipped into our children's hands, unnoticed. Lately, teachers at Landover Baptist Elementary school have been complaining that youngsters have been prancing about in an 'odd and peculiar manner'. Some of God's children have been stealing yellow crayons and painting lightning bolts on their foreheads. Many of them have been hiding in boxes and refuse to come out unless cookies and milk are delivered on a silver plate. We believe this behavior to be far from innocent. It is absolutely and without question, demonic, in origin.

We have traced the source of these problems to a series of best selling books in the secular world. The Harry Potter book series is filled with fantastic images of hell, Catholicism, sissyism, and liberalism.  We are also told that there is a movie series based on the books, and children are lining up to see it like lemmings, eager to be boot-kicked off the Heavenly cliff by Jesus himself, into the lake of fire! The entire premise of each book rests in the anti-Christian notion that the sissified lifestyle is to be glorified and accepted by all. They make sissies out to be heroes, and encourage children to escape into their own private make-believe worlds.  They encourage youngsters to run away from their problems and escape the world by creating destructive and dangerous fantasies.
 All True Christians™ believe that Harry Potter books challenge both saved and unsaved children to create demonically inspired worlds in their innocent little heads. We also believe that the books encourage youngsters to run off and hide.

  Christian parents are telling us that their children refuse to sit at the family table for dinner, instead they eat their dinner behind a locked closet door or under their beds.  We are asking all Landover Baptist Church members at this time to search every room in your Christian home for any sign of these Harry Potter books. If you find them, keep them out of the child's reach. Put them on a high shelf until next Saturday when we as a church body will join together in unison for an impromptu book burning on the East lawn.  After the burning, if any of these 'so-called' children's books are found anywhere on church grounds or in the home of any church member, proper steps will be taken to ensure your child is fully deprogrammed from the illicit material (which may or may not include a trip to a Russian orphanage at your expense) and you will be fined $250.00 per book.  The fines are effective after the book burning. Mandatory attendance is required as you volunteer to help us fight Satan in his attempt to strike at the future of Christian America by worming his way into the hearts and minds of our precious and innocent children!

Note to all Concerned Parents: 

We have it on good Godly authority that there will be an additional book from J.K. Rowling which will reveal that the main character, "Harry Potter" actually KILLED HIS PARENTS! with a butcher knife! If this isn't enough to raise the hair on your neck, then you need revival! Find out what other Christians are saying about this filth by clicking here!