Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Illusion of abduction

1) The child dies (for whatever reason) and the parents cannot allow the body to have a post mortem (for whatever reason, sedation?)
2) They dispose of the body of their child

3) They plan a simulated abduction as the least risky way to explain the loss of the child.

4) The simulated abduction requires that a) they are seen not to be present when the child is 'abducted', and have a witnessed alibi

b) That they must create some evidence that an abduction took place,

and c) that they must ensure that as much confusion as possible occurs to make it hard for the police to prove that an abduction did NOT take place.

5) That they must be seen to make every effort to look for the child.

6) That they must be certain of their story and stick to it without question.