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Levi coping with 'nut job trolls' sound familiar ?

Haleigh Cummings and the nut job online trolls...

I've been blogging and hosting a online radio show on true crime stories for about 3 years now. I've met a lot of nice people who track these cases and run nice respectable blogs and forums on the cases: Such as Tricia Griffith who runs the true crime forum Websleuths, Art Harris who writes great investigative reports over on The Bald Truth, and many of the people I interact with on websleuths, twitter or facebook.

The above run their websites and forums with integrity and they delete the trolls who come in and spew their ignorant conspiracy theories or try to cause trouble. As do I... If anyone comes to my blog, facebook or twitter and attempts to slander innocent people, defend criminals, or spin crazy theories, I'll delete their posts, ban them and then block them. These creepy losers do not need to be encouraged or given a venue to spew their hate, lies and garbage.

I've also read blogs and online postings from a lot of nut cases who insert themselves into high profile cases and spew their garbage over the Internet and try to aid the disgusting criminals responsible for the murder of children.
Art Harris first coined the phrase Wild Wild West, after a couple of nuts called into a Blogger News Network online radio show about the Haleigh Cummings case. These nuts had accused or insinuated Kim Picazio, the former attorney of Haleigh Cummings, was working in cahoots with Haleigh's maternal family, to keep Haleigh in hiding.

The theory is and was laughable since, all the evidence was pointing towards the fact that Ronald and Misty were involved in Haleigh's disappearance. They failed their polygraphs, they lied to investigators, and they were refusing to cooperate with the police. You had to be a couple of tacos short of a Mexican platter to buy into their BS.

Almost every high profile case, has the psychotic losers that refuse to look at the evidence and side with the nut cases involved in brutal and horrific murders. But the Haleigh Cummings case takes the case.

A fake journalist, and all around tin foil hat conspiracy theorist creep, Timothy Holmseth aligned himself with Teresa Neves, (the pill popping mother of Ronald Cummings) and a fake "child advocate" (aka attention seeking fruit loop) who goes by the name of Rebecca Thomas. Together they targeted the mother of Haleigh Cummings, in order to try to get the attention off of Misty and Ronald Cummings.

What sort of child advocate are you Rebecca that you would defend the father who was either involved in his child's murder, or who left his child alone with a pill popping teenage drug addict? You're not a child advocate at all. You're an advocate for a child abusing dirt bag and his family. Please stop calling yourself "Haleigh's child advocate" you nasty disgusting piece of crap. Timothy Holmseth, in an obsessive and psychotic manner, started trashing the mother of Haleigh Cummings and everyone around her... including her parents, her former attorney, and even volunteers in the community who decided to aid Crystal Sheffield in getting the word out about her missing daughter.

Holmseth was fed information by Ronald's mother, and after photos surfaced that depicted Haleigh being abused at the hands of Ronald Cummings... Holmseth, made a desperate attempt tried to make Ronald look like a good father... the thug hugger started posting photos of Ronald and Haleigh laughing and playing together. And even made a sick and disturbing youtube music video that glamorized Ronald Cummings. What a sick and disgusting mindset... To defend a man that abuses and mistreats his 5-year-old daughter... And all of the trolls and hanger on's working in cahoots with that freak should be ashamed, because they were enabling that psychopathic abusive thug Ronald Cummings and sending the dirt bag a message that it was OK to abuse children and leave them with scratches and bruises on their face. There is a special place in hell for all of you.

There has to be a reason why these low life's defend a drug dealer, drug user, child abuser, and statutory rapist like Ronald Cummings. Most likely because they are dirt bags just like Ron, have thug family members like Ron, and they identify with scum bags within the criminal element, just like Ron.

Holmseth has been accused of being abusive to his ex wife, he has been accused of being abusive to his children, and in an interesting and entertaining side note, the paranoid crack pot has once accused someone of stealing his finger prints. Furthermore, Holmseth teamed up with a dead beat and abusive father by the name of Donald Knop who was fired by Kim Picazio due to his outlandish and crazy behavior. So we see that birds of a feather flock together.

All of the people mentioned above had their hanger on's of nut case bloggers spread their innuendos, slander, and psychotic delusions in defense of Ronald Cummings all over the Internet. Timothy Holmseth has authored a book on the case, which I am sure will turn out to be a flop.

The good news is that most of these nuts, and the bloggers who do their dirty work, have been ran off of or flat out banned from reputable blogs and forums that cover this case. They have to join forums that the public is blocked from reading... Because the owner of those forums know that the members are sick and mentally disturbed people that love to defend scum like Ronald Cummings.
On my next post, I'll write about the trolls who have attempted to defend Casey Anthony who have gone so far as to accuse innocent people of Caylee's murder. Stay tuned...

The McCanns along with Mitchell were very quick to jump on Haleigh Cummings when it was alleged she was 'abducted' from her bed. Mitchell soon dropped his PR stunt when the family became suspects.

Girl, 5, snatched from Florida home in chilling new Madeline McCann case

By Paul Thompson
Last updated at 9:38 AM on 13th February 2009

Haleigh Cumming
Florida's Madeline McCann: A kidnapping investigation has been launch after Haleigh Cumming went missing

The parents of a five-year-old girl snatched from her bed have made an emotional appeal for her return.

Haleigh Cummings was abducted from her bedroom in the early hours of Tuesday morning as she slept next to her two-year-old brother  - in a crime eerily similar to the disappearance of  Madeline McCann.

Police in Florida have launched a massive hunt for the girl and have begun tracking down 44 sex offenders who live near her home in rural Satsuma.

But fears are growing for Haleigh's safety as it has been over 48 hours since she went missing.

Her father Ronald Cummings, 27, made the discovery when he returned home in the early hours of the morning from work and found the door to his trailer home propped open.

Crystal Sheffield, Haleigh's mother, begged for her daughter's return. She is separated from Haleigh's father.

'Whoever has her, I know you're watching,' Ms Sheffield told U.S. television show Good Morning America. 

'She hasn't done nothing wrong. Please bring her back.'  
  Earlier the girl's father said: 'I'd like to say if anybody's watching and they've seen the picture of my daughter and they've seen her anywhere, please get in contact with local law enforcement officer or Crimestoppers.'

Haleigh's disappearance is also very similar to that of another Florida girl, 10-year-old Jessica Lunsford in 2005.

She was snatched by convicted paedophile John Coeuy from her trailer home in  Inverness, Florida.

Jessica was buried alive after being abused and her death led to the creation of  'Jessica's Law' which gave U.S. courts greater sentencing power for child killers and molesters.
Ronald Cummings
Emotional plea: Ronald Cummings breaks down as he tells TV news reporters, 'All I want is my child ... please ... all I want is my child.'

Couey, 47, was sentenced to death for the grisly killing.

Haleigh was last seen by her father's 17-year-old girlfriend Misty Croslin who was looking after her.

She told police Haleigh was sleeping next to her.

Miss Croslin said she last saw the youngster at 10pm after putting her to bed.

The teenager told police she discovered Haleigh missing at 3am when she went to use the bathroom.

Miss Croslin was initially a suspect but ruled out after passing a lie detector test. Mr Cummings also passed a lie detector test.

He had reported her missing in a desperate emergency call in which he told the  operator: 'If I find whoever has my daughter before you all do, I'm killing them. I don't care if I spend the rest of my life in prison.'

Mr Cummings told police that when he returned from work early Tuesday morning, the back door was propped open and Haleigh was gone. 

'Somebody came in my back door, broke into my home and stole my daughter,' he  said.  
Detective John Merchant of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office said no stone would be left unturned.

'All the world is a suspect,' he said.

'We are going to treat everybody, every family member, every associate, like a suspect until we eliminate them.'

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