Tuesday, January 4, 2011

McCanns are three years too late...

Faked abductions are big news but only in the early days when people are thinking of the abducted child and not even considering the parents involvement.

 The Smarts had a hit on their hands and they milked it for all it was worth, BUT within the year. The McCanns tried to make their BIG money also 'within the year' , the British public did not have the stomach for it , so they had to back off , even their strongest supporters were appalled. 

The McCanns are boring and predictable, spinning it was they who changed the date of 'their book' was amusing when Transworld must realise by now they have made one hell of a mistake. However, the McCanns will do the 'sofa' rounds on the first day of the books 'launch', there will be cherry picking of the 'best bits' in the media who ever is foolish enough to bid for the rights to serialise it..the comments will be the same , damning the McCanns for leaving their children alone, when in reality they did not leave them alone at all but it was the only way to explain her death,  disappearance,,,not much use in buying it when you can read the tabloids. Interested parties that remain, are the guilty ones and those who are paid to cover it up.


McCann 2008  movie deal



McCann 2008 book deal


Read online the UNCLES version...in the Smart case