Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Casey Anthony: Links for evidence released...

Links To Evidence Released Today  (January 28th 2011)
Texas EquuSearch Docs, Maps Released As Evidence:
Images of Texas EquuSearch search for Caylee:
Robyn Adams


Laura Buchanan
--E-mails between Mark NeJame, Laura Buchanan:
--More Buchanan & NeJame emails:
--Transcript of Anne Pham controlled call to Buchanan's attorney:
--Controlled call to Laura Buchanan:
--More Anne Pham, Laura Buchanan transcripts:
--Deposition transcript part 1:
--Deposition transcript part 2:
--Kasper Jordan makes controlled call to Laura Buchanan:
--More interviews:
Letters From Cindy
--Oct 29 letter from Cindy to Casey:
--Sept 1 letter from Cindy to Casey:
--Aug 5 letter from Cindy to Casey:
--Cindy writes to Casey after she took the stand last summer:
Sylvia Hernandez
--Internal Investigation Documents:
--Sylvia Hernandez interview:

Threatening phone call to Casey's friend Amy Huizenga. Listen:
Casey's Journal
--Journal Analysis Part 1:
--Journal Analysis Part 2:

Misc. Docs
--Letter to Michael Vincent (OCSO) from Shurtape. Appears to be an analysis from late last year of duct tape:
--Map shows Roy Kronk's meter readings on the day Caylee was last seen: