Monday, May 2, 2011

Casey Anthony /Kate McCann..mothers replies when cadaver is found.

The innocent mother would reel with shock and horror but not these two mothers, they have answers for the dogs 'indicating'. Casey explained  a possible dead squirrel, rotting pizza.....The McCanns had a whole list of reasons, rotting meat, dirty soiled nappies, spilled fish juice, last but not least Madeleines dirty pyjamas thrown into the back of the car or maybe her sweaty sandals. The inconsistency being that later, the arrogance of the husband, Gerald McCann claiming the dogs were 'incredibly unreliable' if they were so unreliable why did the McCanns try to explain away the odour picked up by the dogs and why did they see it necessary to fly to the States the moment they became suspects to check out a case where cadaver dogs were used ?