Saturday, October 23, 2010


In the above link unknown to Jane she almost caught the abductor.

Sleeping arrangements have always been a hot topic for Dr.McCann .

The maid said the cots were in seperate rooms the morning of May 2nd. Dr.McCann denied this. David Payne was very flustered when questioned about cots and said there may have been two or even three he was not sure.

Blog entry day 24

The couple of Sunday articles we read did not cover much of what we talked about and seemed to get some of the other stuff wrong! We stated that Sean and Amelie are sleeping in our room (in separate cots) because of other family staying with us and that we were trying to treat them as normal and not be overprotective. This came out that we were so protective we have to have them sleeping in our bed! These inaccuracies are not important in our search for Madeleine and the next phase is being planned currently.

This could explain the maid seeing a cot in the McCanns room, if after Madeleines crying on May 1st a cot could have been placed in with the McCanns and the twins slept in  bed with their parents.

Blog entry day 25

 Tonight for the first time they have gone to sleep in their own single beds, rather than cots, now that another two of our family have gone home. We were planning to turn their cots at home into beds after our 1 week holiday but obviously this has been delayed with Madeleine’s abduction. We have been in Praia da Luz for over 4 weeks and Sean and Amelie’s development from toddlers to little boy and girl continues.

For some reason the sleeping arrangements needed to be explained on two following days.

Well,  it seems she did say it. I would imagine Kate had a slapped wrist for not keeping to the script. However, the blog always on hand to correct little slip ups like this.

May 27, 2007

Our nightmare: that all the children were taken

THE parents of Madeleine McCann, the missing four-year-old, yesterday said that they were haunted by the thought that the kidnapper who snatched her could have taken their other two children as well.

Gerry McCann, 38, Madeleine’s father, said: “It could have been worse, we could have lost the twins too. There were three children in the room. That’s the worst nightmare.”

He and his wife Kate, also 38, said that they now share a bed with the twins, Sean and Amelie, aged two.
“The twins sleep in the bed with us now,” said Kate McCann. “They help us get through this.”

The couple are making arrangements for the twins to see a child psychologist this week to help to explain to them what has happened.

In a tacit acknowledgment that Madeleine may never be returned to them, Gerry McCann, a consultant cardiologist, said: “We really have to make sure it doesn’t affect the twins growing up and their normal childhood.”

Jane Tanner slips up in Panorama interview...?

On you tube Panorama interview part 2 of 6, the interviewer asks Jane Tanner about the way the mystery man was carrying the child and she replies " I was carrying it sort of across the body like that ....."
She also states that she was suprised that "the man" was dressed in trousers and a coat as Brits abroad usually wear shorts then 2 minutes later she says she was wearing a big jumper as it was cold.
(This has something to do with the jeans, Kate mentioned jeans in her statement, May 4th,...the abductor had long hair and wore jeans, ask Jane ) The jeans are of great importance to
Jane , so important in her statements she had to mention she did not take jeans on holiday.

They bear her no ill will and have tried to comfort her.