Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jez sees Jane at 8.30

Relative to whether I know Jane Tanner;Now I know her name, description of the clothes and photos which I have seen in the press. At that time I knew of her as a member of the group but did not know her name. I do not remember having seen her when I spoke with Gerry, but I believe I saw her when I first ventured out. She was stopped on the street in front of one of the group's apartments when I passed her down towards the exit to my apartment. I do not know if it was her apartment or not. I remember that she was wearing the colour purple.

When Jeremy Wilkins first venturted out it was 8.30, he saw Jane Tanner wearing her favourite colour , purple. Whether Jane saw Jez is unclear but one thing is very clear Jane wanted it to be known she was not wearing purple.

Within 45 minutes of Jez claiming to have seen Jane. Jane gave a witness statemnet of having seen Dr.McCann , Jeremy Wilkins and the abductor around 9.15 pm May 3rd.. Jane claims to have walked past them both in cropped trousers and flip flops.

There has been a lot of talk on the forums about a photograph of Kate McCann having changed her clothes that evening. When it appears it was not Kate who changed her outfit but Jane Tanner. Jane claims to have borrowed a fleece from her partner Russell O'Brian and insists she was not wearing jeans.