Monday, April 30, 2012

Missing Isabel Celis : Cadaver Hits In The Home - Police Have Not Ruled Out The Parents As Suspects.

The FBI behavioral analysts helping in the case of missing 6-year-old Isabel Mercedes Celis will start Thursday to review the interviews already conducted by Tucson police, police said in a news briefing tonight.
The FBI analysts “may or may not” interview Isabel’s parents themselves, police added. 
Also, police said there might have been some houses within their 3-mile search radius around the Celis' midtown home that they missed, because no one was home or didn't answer the door, for example. Police ask that anyone living in that area who hasn't been contacted by a police officer call 88-CRIME. The Celis' home is in the 5600 block of East 12th Street, near East Broadway and Craycroft Road. 
2 p.m. — Through tears and trembling, the parents of Isabel Mercedes Celis pleaded for her safe return.
Becky Celis read from a piece of paper, asking the community to keep its focus on finding her daughter.
“Tell us your demands,” Isabel’s father, Sergio, said moments later. “Tell us what you want.”
He then made an emotional statement directly to the missing 6-year-old: “We'll never give up looking for you.”
He also said the family was cooperating with police and plans to increase the amount of the reward money.
The entire statement lasted some five minutes and was made in English and Spanish.
The parents were surrounded by volunteers in white T-shirts with “Bring Isa Home” written on the front and a photo of Isabel on the back. The parents also wore such T-shirts, and rosaries.
Police escorted the parents away after their statements.
Isabel’s family had only issued one written statement since her disappearance, to thank volunteers for their support in trying to find Isabel.
The family has told police the last time the first-grader was seen was in her bedroom Friday night.
Police have labeled Isabel’s case a suspicious disappearance and possible more

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