Friday, January 6, 2012

#AmirJennings : #Cadaver Dogs And Search Warrants

Cadaver dogs were used in a search of the family home in ongoing efforts to find evidence of where 18-month-old missing Amir Jennings might be located.  The house belongs to Amir’s grandmother.  Yesterday we learned that the grandmother had hired an attorney for Zinah Jennings.  Attorney Hemphill P. Pride II issued a statement that he had not yet spoken with Zinah and did not know if she would allow him to represent her, but that the grandmother was concerned for her daughter and for her grandson.  I’m not sure this was the best first move for finding or protecting her grandson, but okay.  However, it probably is one almost guaranteed way to not learn another thing about where he might be or what happened to him.

Some interesting information has been released in the probable cause affidavit for the search warrants obtained.  You may read the document here.  To more