Sunday, September 4, 2011

#RebeccaZahau : What went down at the Shaknai Mansion ?


Initial reports state Adam was the only one there, but new reports state that Dina (Max’s mother) was “a witness in Zahau’s death”. 

Does this mean Dina was at the home sometime in the early morning hours of July 13th? 

It should be pointed out that Dina’s home is just down the road from the Shacknai mansion. 

Friends state both of Max’s parents were at his bedside at the time of Rebecca’s death.  However, authorities have not stated that yet.  Does it mean Dina is privy to information concerning Rebecca’s death?  In either case, by the end of the day of the 13th attorney Paul Pfingst was retained to “represent someone connected with this case”, someone assumed to be a family member.

Two search warrants have been served to search the mansion.  It is reported that during one of those searches police took several photographs of the stairs where Max’s accident occurred.

What happened in that big house?